Bassel Abou Fakher

Musician | Producer | Composer

Photo: Simon Blackley

A classically trained cellist driven by his passion for music composition and production.

As a young cellist, Bassel's connection with classical music planted the seeds needed for him to evolve in composition and production.

Bassel grew up in Damascus, Syria, where he studied the cello and began playing in orchestras and chamber music ensembles at an early age.

After the start of the war, he moved to Brussels where he embarked on a new chapter in his musical journey. It was in Brussels that he began taking classes in music production and sound design.

Driven by his passion for the craft, he soon thereafter found assistant work for prominent composers and engineers within the industry, including notable names in the film and TV composition space.

Eventually, relying on the skills and exposure he had gained from working by their side, he turned to writing his own music.

Photo: Simon Blackley


TV & Commercials

Vol 5.

Vol. 5

Vol 4.

Vol. 4

Vol 3.

Vol. 3

Vol 2.

Vol. 2

Vol 1.

Vol. 1

Personal Projects

Qotob Trio - Entity

Qotob Trio - Entity

Qotob Project

Qotob Project

Assistant Engineer

A Winged Victory For The Sullen - Undivded Five

A Winged Victory For The Sullen - Undivided Five

Michelino Bisceglia - La Biomista

Michelino Bisceglia - La Biomista

Double Vie TV Series

Double Vie TV Series